Vicente Carrillo Guitars

On JulyVicente Carillo flamenco guitar 31thVicente Carillo  flamenco guitars 1963, the Spanish classical and flamenco guitar maker Vícente Carrillo was born in Casasimarro into a family that has been making guitars since the XVIII century. In 1755 Vicente Carrillo his great-great grandfather had his own guitar workshop, next in line was his great grandfather Blas Carrillo Alarcón (1836-1919), followed by his grandfather Vicente Carrillo Lopez (1881-1962) and again succeeded by his father Vicente Carrillo Cantos (1926-1971). So Vicente Carrillo has, literally, grown up among classical and flamenco guitars, making it quite easy to learn the craft of guitar making. When he was 8 years old, his father unfortunately passes away. At that moment Vicente his mother, Gabriela Casas Fornier, took over the guitar workshop, employing a number of master guitar makers. When Vicente Carrillo in 1984 took thVicente Carillo  flamenco guitarse helm of the family business, he modified the design of his flamenco guitars based upon the Santos Hernandez (1873-1942) guitars as well as by the many good ideas he learned from the various flamenco guitar makers working in their shop. In addition Vicente Carrillo shared many improvement ideas with flamenco guitar makers such as Angel Benito Aguado from Madrid and Jose Romero whose origins lie within the Ramirez tradition. Since then, the quality of the Vicente Carrillo flamenco and classical guitars increased significantly. All his flamenco guitars are built entirely by hand using only traditional techniques. The Vicente Carrillo flamenco guitars reflect that nice, old Madrid tone characterized by some kind of warmer sound with deep basses and sweet trebles.

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