Pedro de Miguel guitars

pedro de miguel guitar workshopThe name "Pedro de Miguel" refers to the name of two greatPedro de Miguel flamenco guitar Madrid luthiers. Pedro Perez and Miguel Rodriguez. being very young, when they were only fourteen old both started working working at Ramirez in Madrid as apprentices and later became master craftsmen working on Ramirez III's personal team. They worked for Ramirez until 1990. In 1991, Miguel Angel Rodriguez Casas and Pedro Pérez established their own workshop, combining their names, making guitars under the Pedro de Miguel label. The quality of their guitars has led them to become designated guitarreros for the Real Conservatorio de Madrid. ThPedro de Miguel guitar labele Pedro de Miguel guitars have become very popular among flamenco guitarists. Their flamenco guitars are played by Gerardo Nunez, Pepe Habichuela, Tomatito and Rafael Riqueni and many others. Pedro de Miguel offers a professional line of flamenco and classical guitars build by hand by themselves as well as a line of factory made instruments built to their specifications.