Manuel Reyes Guitars

Manuel Reyes Maldonado of Cordoba was born in Jayena, Granada, on July 18th 1934. At a very young age he started to play flamenco guitar. When Manuel Reyes tried to restore an old guitar given to him by flamenco singer Carmen, he was not happy with the result of his work, so he decided to build a guitar driven by his own intuition. Later on, Manuel Reyes met Joaquín Sanchez Galisteo, a flamenco guitar maker who became his first teacher. Sanchez learned him the basics of guitar construction. In 1949 Manuel Reyes started his own workshop in Cordoba.

Flamenco guitar maker Manuel ReyesWhen flamenco guitarist Pepe Martínez introduced Manuel Reyes to the famous guitar luthier Marcelo Barbero, he moved to Madrid to study together with Marcelo Barbero. Manuel Reyes stayed there for about one year and then returned to Cordoba. Manuel Reyes Flamenco Guitar MakerManuel Reyes has specialized himself as a flamenco guitar maker, building about 20 concert flamenco or classical guitars a year. Nowadays he is considered to be the greatest and most sought-after contemporary flamenco guitar builders in the world. His stature is such that Luis F. Leal Pinar devotes an entire chapter in ‘Guitarreros de Andalucia’ (2004) to him. He is known for his excellent workmanship and authentic Andalusian flamenco guitar sound. His flamenco guitars are in such a huge demand disabling him to accept any new orders. His flamenco guitars have been played by dozens of professional guitarists all over the world, perhaps the most notably being Vicente Amigo. In the mean time, Manuel Reyes his son, Manuel Reyes Flamenco Guitar labelManuel Agustin Reyes Flores Junior, born in 1969 in Cordoba, has learned the art of guitar making from his father. Since 1994 Manuel Reyes Junior is building flamenco guitars under the tutelage of his well know fathManuel Reyes Flamenco  Guitarer. Just recently, Manuel Reyes Junior began to sell his own instruments, signing the label of his father with Manuel Reyes Junior. Being devoted the specialize himself as a flamenco guitar maker only, his flamenco guitars are based on the same design and aesthetically or besides the label, indistinguishable from his father's. Although the Manuel Reyes guitars are really very rare to get these day, chances are high you can still buy a Manuel Reyes guitar at our shop, for more information, please visit our Manuel Reyes flamenco guitar pages.