Manuel Adalid Guitars

The flamenco guitar maker Manuel Adalid was born in Valencia in 1951 as the son of Manuel Adalid Lazaro, founder of Guitarras FManuel Adalid  Flamenco Guitarrancisco Esteve. Today flamenco guitar maker Manuel Adalid is widely respected in Spain as among the most experimental and innovative flamenco guitar luthiers. Already at a very young age, Manuel Adalid, worked side by side with his father during the summers. Once Manuel Adalid finished his studies, he devoted himself fulltime to guitar construction in the Esteve guitar workshop. With the help of his father and Antonio Monfort, Manuel Adalid soon became a master flamenco guitar maker. When his father retired in 1980, Manual Adalid took over the position of his father within the Esteve guitar dynasty. Soon Manuel Adalid succeeded in expanding the Esteve company, adding factory made flamenco guitars employing over 50 people. Although the Esteve flamenco guitars are currently known for their production guitars, Manuel Adalid today still maintains his own guitar workshop within the Esteve enterprise, making flamenco guitars entirely by hand under his own name and label. In the mean time, Manuel Adalid also became Vice President of the Spanish Guild of Master Guitar Artisans. Since 2001, Manuel Adalid devotes himself to studying and experimenting with nManuel Adalid  Flamenco Guitar Labelew technologies of flamenco guitar construction such as carbon fibre bracing, sandwich tops, soundboard designs...striving to combine these new guitar technologies with traditional methods to achieve the best quality of sound. The Viviana flamenco guitar is a model that Manuel Adalid designed exclusively for La Sonanta in Europe and Zavaletas in the US. In the La Sonanta shop, you can buy this flamenco Viviana guitar of Manuel Adalid at a very affordable price, offering a high quality sound and playability. They are impeccably made having the characteristics that professional flamenco players demand: power, projection, bright tone, great snappy rasp and burn, crisp firm basses, strident popping trebles, solid mid-range, and above a low and fast set up.

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