Juan Miguel Gonzalez, the last legacy of Antonio de Torres.

Today, Juan Miguel Gonzalez Morales, born in Almeria January 17 1947, is the last legacy of Antonio de Torres.

La Sonanta at the workshop of Juan Miguel GonzalezHis father, Miguel González Abad, began constructing flamenco guitars on a full time basis in 1935. At that time he was the first, professional guitar maker in the southern Spanish regions of Almeria and as Juan Miguel Gonzalez Flamenco guitar rosette and labela result many of the best guitarists of that time visited his the workshop of Juan his father. Miguel González was a apprentice of the Moya brothers, who learned the art of traditional guitar making from the legendary Antonio de Torres. All this knowledge passed on to Miguel Gonzalez evolved into his indisputable mastery laying the bases of a solid guitar tradition in Almería. 

The conductive thread of thJuan Miguel Gonzalez and Tomatitois tradition is gathered and continued by his son Juan Miguel Gonzalez, who, at a very young age in 1960, began to learn the hard profession of building top level guitars in the workshop of his father. The work of Juan combine masterfully craft, innovation, technology, research, dedication and care. Juan has an incredible stock of the most noble materials, old aged woods, specially selected and refined to a very high acoustic sound level.

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