Flamenco Guitar Makers

Art of traditional, artisan craftsmanshipFlamenco Guitar Maker

The truly, outstanding flamenco guitar makers are worldwide recognized for their art, skills, experience and dedication to flamenco guitar construction. Working on their own or with 1 or 2 family members in small workshops, they make only up to 15 guitars a year with long waiting times. Each flamenco guitar is an original, handmade artisan guitar, a one of a kind, taking about 300 hours of manual labor, making all individual parts in small quantities. These experienced flamenco guitar makers have an astonishing stock of very old aged premium grade solid woods. They have the ability to adjust top, back and sides or braces in relation to the specific sound characteristics of each single piece of wood, controlling quality and sound at all stages during the construction. We have also listed an overview of authentic labels of many guitar makers.

The following list is an overview of some of the best flamenco guitar makers. Feel free to post additional biographies on our Flamenco Guitar Forum, we will gladly add them to this overview.

Aarón García Ruiz Stephen Faulk Andrés D. Marvi Andrés Domínguez
Antonio Aparicio Jose Rodriguez Pena Jeronimo Pena Fernandez Antonio Raya Ferrer
Antonio Raya Pardo Conde Hermanos  Pedro Maldonado Daniel Gil De Avale
Felix Manzanero Francisco Barba Francisco Navarro Germán Torres
Gerundino Fernández Hermanos Sanchis López John Ray Jose Marin Plazuelo
Ramírez Juan Miguel Gonzalez Juan Montero Aguilera Manuel Adalid
Manuel Bellido Manuel Reyes Manuel Reyes Hijo Pedro de Miguel
Rafael Moreno
Ricardo Sanchis Carpio Salvador Castillo Stephan Schlemper
Tom Blackshear Vasilis Lazarides Vicente Carrillo Archangel Fernandez
Marcelo Barbero Miguel Rodriquez Ignacio Fleta Antonio Marin Montero

 To compare the different sounds of these flamenco guitar makers or to check availabiltiy at our shop, we welcome you to visit our detailed flamenco guitar pages including HD videos.