Daniel Gil De Avalle Guitars

Daniel Gil de Avalle was born in Andalucia in the city of Jaen in 1961. Later on, in 1965, hisDaniel Gil de Avalle flamenco guitar rosette family moved to Granada to the traditional and tourist jewish quarter of Granada called Realejo. From an early age he studied music and violin at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Granada, continuing his studies later in Madrid. He began to specialize in string instruments such as Classical and Flamenco guitar, lutes, bandurrias (Spanish Lute), violins, violas and cello etc, and nowadays, he has an experience of more than 20 years, providing security and quality to his work. His desire to learn allowed him to make contact with numerous Daniel Gil de Avalle flamenco guitar makermusical instrument makers in Realejo. He decided to enter the world of guitar-making under the guidance of the famous Luthier Manuel Bellido although his evolution actually starts when he starts working on his own and analyses intruments of masters such as Fleta, Ferrer, Rodríguez, Ramírez, Hauser etc. Besides his contribution to the International Festival of Music of Granada, Daniel hols a permanent exposition at Museo de la Memoria de Andalucia, Granada. The really excellent price versus quality ratio of Daniel his guitars made him known and highly respected as an excellent guitar builder in many countries such as Japan, France, Germany, Italy and Austria.