Andres Marvi guitars

Andres Marvi guitar workshopWe travelled all the way to the beautiful mountains of Las Alpujarras to a height of 1050m on the southern flanks of the Sierra Nevada to visit Andrés D. Marvi. Andres was born in 1956 in Germany, devoted himself to designing his traditional handmade guitars with the aim oAndres Marvi guitar labelf creating his own sounds. In 1984 till 1992, Marvi took part in guitar courses guided by José Luis Romanillos. Soon his talent as a craftsman was confirmed as well as his manual dexterity and capability. Since 1988, Andrés Marvi is living in a small Spanish village near Granada where he currently is making his instruments. In 2003 during a master class in Munich, Flamenco phenomenon Gerardo Núñez first saw and played a Marvi guitar. The admiration and astonishment of Gerardo towards its sound and easiness when played, were so obvious to him that he now owns a Marvi blanca and a Marvi negra. Gerardo Núñez used his Marvi guitars on his newest CD as well as his well known instructional DVD "La Guitarra Flamenca" by Encuentro, please have a look at our production pages. Other top players like Aniello Desiderio, Goran Krivokapic, Graham Anthony Devine… all play and record with these amazing instruments. Led by his goal of creating his own sound, Marvi was able to blend the influences of several building styles into a thoroughly modern version of the Spanish Guitar, resulting in a very exceptional, differing and personal construction setup: the sides are doubled for strength, the elevated fingerboard makes it very easy to play, his necks go all the way to the sound hole. Marvi’s personal setup not only adds strength, but also improves sustain, timbre ands responsiveness particularly from the 12th to 20th fret.